About Us


Fair Change is a student-run and lawyer-supervised pro bono legal clinic who supports street-involved individuals address their provincial offence tickets. Fair Change seeks to reduce limitations and financial burdens by reducing debt from accrued fines for things like panhandling and loitering.  Student advocates provide legal support and representation at pre-hearing negotiations, hearings of first instance, and appeal hearings to reduce fines.

From intake to representing their client at a hearing, student advocates are responsible for managing their client’s file from start to finish. Students gain experience conducting interviews,  managing client relationships, drafting legal materials and advancing their oral advocacy skills.

Our Mission…

1)    To reduce the number of street ticket convictions in the City of Toronto and,

2)    To decrease debt from previous street ticket convictions imposed on street involved, and formerly street involved, people.

Our Vision…

A Toronto where people who are in need can politely ask strangers for help without the fear of being thrown in jail.

A Toronto where people who are trying to recover from a street involved life are not also burdened by mountains of debt.