Our Services

by Fair Change


We can help you with any tickets you have received within the last 30 days by:

  • Explaining your legal options
  • Negotiating with prosecutors on your behalf and
  • Representing you at trail


We can help you try to get rid of debt from tickets that are months or years old by:

  • Explaining the appeal process
  • Writing the letters and documents necessary for an appeal and
  • Representing you in front of the Appeal Judge

Our services are provided by law students from Osgoode Hall Law School. All law students are supervised by licensed Lawyers with years of experience in this area of law. We are a non-profit organization all of our services are 100% free to our clients.


Social workers: would your organization’s clients benefit from a presentation about their rights? Want your clients to benefit from our services, but not sure they’d be willing to attend drop-in hours at the Fred Victor Centre? We love to visit other organizations and talk to people about their rights, tickets and experiences. Presentations are about 1/2 an hour long, and will be tailored to your client’s needs. Presentations are followed up by client intake meetings at your organization. If you would like to arrange a visit to your site from a Fair Change lawyer please contact us at fairchangecs@gmail.com